Hong Nguyen

Rocket French

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Hello, i am Hong, i was lived in france without french languages, wow it so terrible for me, i cant understand all about what happen came to my life so i decided back to lived in my country but i understood that i was lost my chance to understanding more about french peoples, cultural, traditional, love, now i regret so i decide to come to learning french by Rocket French, wow i wish i will know more about France and French peoples. life so hard when living in there but unknown local languages, may be peoples around me in this time was thought i am silly, lazy.. but this time i thought that i can living in France without french languages, i was tried proved that i am right but time but time proving that i was wrong, i can't have job, i can't have communication, no friends, no activity, nothing, only staying at home, eat, cook, sleep, how you can imagine, hard life. may be decided back country bad choice, if i come with Rocket French soon more, i will not regretting here, but nothing impossible, so now i will learning french by Rocket French.