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I've been to Japan several times and have learned a few words and phrases during my visits. However, the language was always very intimidating to me, and I found it hard to grasp much of the structure and flow of the language. This course has made learning so much easier. It is a great system for me personally, as it allows me to really change up the day-to-day learning activities. It truly keeps the learning experience fresh and fun. I appreciate all of the activities that accompany each lesson. The audio dialogue is a lot of fun and provides many useful phrases and words for upcoming trips to Japan. The dialogue in each lesson deals with situations that are easy to visualize, thus helping with retention of the accompanying language. One aspect of this course that I find really helpful is the incorporation of elements from previous lessons into subsequent lessons. Not only does each lesson begin with a recap of a previous lesson, but words and phrases from previous lessons are often reused, but in different contexts and situations. This really helps with learning the language and understanding subtle differences due to different contexts. I would highly recommend this course to any serious would-be student of Japanese!