Philippe Noel

Rocket German

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Rocket Languages' website allows me to learn Germand without having to leave my own house! It's a perfect way to improve in as many languages as one would want in order to be more polyvalent on travel. For your job, for your school or simply for yourself (like me), Rocket Languages is a perfect place to improve your languages skills.
The review exercices are really helpful and you can even try to match your prononciation with the "teacher". Prononciation have always been a lack in every language learning website I found, but not here! I highly suggest Rocket Languages to anyone who would like to learn a specific language. And for people like me, who don't speak English as their native language, it's a perfect way to improve both languages at the same time! Speaking of the price, Rocket Languages is definitely affordable. Considering the amount of time I have spent on this website, I cost almost nothing an hour! Totally satisfied, I recommend!