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Rocket language has helped me a lot to learn a language that I thought I could never learn in my life but thanks to rocket languages I now can. I am so thankful for this experience it has helped me a lot because when I probably go to Korea I will know how to speak in the peoples language thanks to you rocket language. It is a fascinating language unrivaled in its sound and look you teach it so well I have become an inveterate Korean language learner. You people at rocket languages cover every miniscule aspect, and make it fun and easy to learn, this is so amazing. Once again you cover things that you would not expect to need until you really need them like “I only speak a little Korean” translated to Korean that is Juh-do hangook-uh jogeum bakke mot-hamnida or, 저도 한국어 조금 밖에 못합니다, or “ I am sorry” in Korean it is Jwesong-hamnida, or 죄송합니다. Thank you once again rocket languages for giving people the opportunity to learn a different language that they thought that they never could have before.