Christina Autry

Rocket Arabic Houston/TX , United States

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I'm so glad that I found this program (I saw it highly reviewed on a blog). I'm using it to learn Arabic, and I'm really impressed with all of the ways the program allows you to practice along the way. You spend a lot of time actually vocalizing the words rather than just reading them or hearing them. The program records your attempts at each word/sentence and rates your progress with each one (100%, 75%, 50%, 0%). You can easily go back to the words that you're struggling with to keep practicing them. The lessons are very helpful, and they list the important phrases below so you don't have to try and find them again in the larger recording. It's equally great on the desktop or the app. I first started using the (free) app and liked it so much that I bought the Level 1 Arabic, and definitely haven't regretted it!