Carl Mounteer

Carl Mounteer

Rocket Italian — Pacific Grove, California, United States

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I have three problems with this course:

1. I cannot find any way to access the module tests in Rocket Italian. How do I access these?

2. I am in lesson 5.2 of the Interactive Audio Lessons and just discovered all the phrases you can practice in the "Hear it" "Say It" "Know It" section of the lesson by clicking on the "EASY" button. In this lesson there are 20 of them. I thought there was only one for each of these. You need to instruct your users how to use this to practice all these phrases under "Hear It", "Say It", "Know It" by clicking on the Easy Hard Poor buttons with numbers next to them. I only discovered this after going through the first four modules!

3. Am I expected to repeat all of Maria's phrases from just listening to her say it three times or is it ok to use the transcript provided?

Moderators note:
1. The Module tests are available on a desktop/laptop only. They will be added to the iOS/Android apps in June.
2. There is an info icon next to the heading of each test that explains all!
3. It's up to you how you use the course. Either way is fine.