Yeung Tak

Rocket Spanish Hong Kong

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I've decided to start learning Spanish this year and I took some Spanish courses in Hong Kong. They were good, but I felt I didn't have a chance to listen to native Spanish enough or had enough oral practice, and so I started searching for online courses. I read a review page about online Spanish courses, as someone who is serious about learning, I bought the top 3 that were recommended, Rocket Languages was among them. And I have to say, Rocket Languages MUST BE the best choice. I bought the 3-level bundle, and it is ABSOLUTELY worth it! The materials, the technology, the extra information, the grammar, I totally love the course! I don't remember exactly how much I paid for the course, but I remember the amount is equal to roughly 3-4 months of Spanish course in Hong Kong. Frankly, you can't learn that much in 4 months, a lesson per week, in a group setting with 20 students in a classroom. But then with Rocket Spanish, I can learn daily, and re-learn if certain parts are hard, and I can listen to the conversations on the bus, in the gym, etc.
In fact, I've already recommended my girlfriend to buy Rocket German, and friends from my Spanish class to buy the program. The only down side about Rocket Languages I can think of, is that Cantonese is not available! I have a lot of friends from the States who would love to learn Cantonese but they just can't learn it from Rocket Languages! Well, maybe later... In fact, I always joke about it with my friends, I love the company so much, it would be so super awesome if they would hire me to record the Cantonese class, then my friends would be listening to my voice as they learn my language, haha! Anyway, if you are looking for a good online language course, I highly recommend Rocket Languages, I'm addicted to it and it's help me so much in learning Spanish!