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Arega Keskis

Rocket Arabic
2 years ago

It is really great and I am learning a lot! What makes it interesting is, it is fun learning . I enjoyed learning a lot. The recording is professional and helps me to pronounce words like native speakers... More

Ruth Klein

Rocket French — Houston, Texas, United States
2 years ago

This is a great course for interactive learning. It is thorough, step by step program, which reinforces grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation of what has been learned previously. I recommend it to students especially those at beginning and intermediate levels. More

Abd Urrahman

Rocket German — Damascus
2 years ago

i really love it it is easy and affective way to learn language but i really wish to be more free if i have more and more money it is sure that no problems to me but these days it is so dificult but i think it deserve it More

Jackie  Ellinghausen

Rocket German — Queensland
2 years ago

A great start to learning the German language. The interactive lessons are so clear. Makes me want to challenge and improve my German. I am very happy with my everyday lessons and repeating it when I need to... More

Charlotte G-T

Rocket French — Kampala
2 years ago

Rocket French is a wonderful place to learn French. The lessons are very relevant and easy to learn. There is always something new to learn and it is presented in an interesting way. I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone who wants to learn or improve their French... More

Ahin Kim

Rocket German
2 years ago


Paul  Campanella

Rocket Italian — Arlington VA, United States
2 years ago

I like the approach especially since it has been updated and revised. I took about 2 mos off for travel in Italy. The early lessons and practice using through Rocket Italian was very helpful and added a lot of enjoyment to the trip. More

Melles Kahase

Rocket German — Bern
2 years ago

The Rocket Language is really really interesting and helpful language learning for those who wants to learn the language, not only learning German language also to improve English for those who speak English as second language like me... More

Nicola Tunney

Rocket Italian — Bristol
2 years ago

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Rocket for the fab Italian course I have recently started. Rocket has given me the structure and encouragement to sit down on a regular basis and learn a language that I have always wanted to know better... More

Aya  mabuti

Rocket Arabic — dubai
2 years ago

Thru this website, I can be able to learn and understand the Arabic langue. It is a educational, informative and interesting.. It help a person like to learn this foreign language.. Its help to enhance my skills, More

Konishi Yukinaga

Rocket Japanese — scunthorpe
2 years ago

hi rocket japanese i have been here be for but i start again from scratch do it right way no the wrong way is not easy to do i have help from sayaka a very fin tutor to am single age 53 years old and i can cook chinses and japanese food with my wok see you all some from john takacs More

Paul Rolfe-Barber

Rocket Italian — Sheffield
2 years ago

Rocket languages is fantastic!!! Probably the best language course I have embarked on. I have just come back from a holiday in Italy (Rome and a day trip to Naples) and whilst there won three compliments on my (still not perfect) Italian from the locals... More

John O'Connor

Rocket Arabic
2 years ago

This is an awesome method to refresh my memory of the Egyptian dialect, and to keep my pronunciation up. I'm impressed by the level of detail and the ability to continuously correct yourself (and hear it in playback!) in order to pronounce words correctly... More

Jonathan Mariano

Rocket Spanish — Schenectady NY
2 years ago

I love Rocket Language! I heard about it on the Tom Wood's Show....and I'm so glad that I checked it out. There are so many ways to learn with Rocket Language. I drive a lot as a sales representative so using the mobile App has been perfect for me... More

Coral Rojas

Rocket Korean — California
2 years ago

I highly recommend this to non-native speakers because it provides vocabs and lots of quizzes/tests to work on your skills. It is a good beneficial recourse tool to help out with learning a new language... More

Graeme Appleby

Rocket Arabic — Sydney
2 years ago

easy to use and fun to lean, I never thought it would be this easy I learn in my spare time and am always surprised at how much I learn If you want to learn another language, then Rocket is the one for you More

Rahul  kumar

Rocket Spanish — jhajjar
2 years ago

its easy and goood way to learn spainish. its a main language.its a good option for learning.itsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss an gooooooooooooooooood language.................... More

Ricardo Bruno

Rocket German — Buenos Aires
2 years ago

Rocket Languages has been great, I took the first level and completed it in 5 months, travelling right after to Germany. Obviously, I was not able to discuss Goethe in German, but I was proud to be able to read and understand signs, ask for directions, prices, etc... More

Tobi Sund

Rocket French — Rancho Cordova, CA, United States
2 years ago

I love the various methods the syllabus takes you through in order to ensure you're getting the material. I never thought I would get writing French at all since I was just at the introductory level, but the repetition of marking how you thought you did until you get them all right really helps to get it down... More

Drake Lundstrom

Rocket Japanese — Ohio, United States
2 years ago

I have been able to find nothing else that is so effective and inexpensive. It fits my crazy schedule, and I listen to the audio lessons while driving, cooking, cleaning, and walking. Also, the customer service people respond quickly and helpfully... More

Lars Therkelsen

Rocket Italian — Karup J
2 years ago

Compared to the French and Spanish language that I have learned years back, then the Italian language grammar Is easy, to understand and follow. To have my fantastic two teachers to pronounce all the words and the grammar in a way that makes the essence of the words and grammar sinks in, so that I can remember the words and sentences, has given me a fantastic start, and I have therefore decided to by all three levels of Italian at ones. More

Catherine Scovell

Rocket Italian — surrey
2 years ago

Before starting with Rocket, I had done another software-based course, which was a good foundation from the point of view of grammar, etc. I had got as far as I could with that and Rocket has proved to be the best way for me to continue and expand my knowledge of Italian... More

Monica Paxson

Rocket Spanish
2 years ago

Brilliant! This course is so well designed that you simply cannot fail if you follow the steps. It has been the single greatest approach I've found for learning Spanish easily. Mauricio, Amy and Carmen are super helpful... More

Lee Hammond

Rocket Spanish — Mexico
2 years ago

Platico en español todos los dias! I started using Rocket Spanish about 7 years ago, when I spoke almost no Spanish. I first visited México in 2007, with maybe 10 words. Thanks to Rocket Spanish, I was able to move to México and I can now speak with people every day... More

Robert Macdougall

Rocket Japanese — Des Moines, Iowa
2 years ago

I absolutely love Rocket Language System. I wish I could be on it more but work prevails most of the time. I love the way the process tests you not only on your memory but also on your enunciation of the language... More

Lori Buhlman

Rocket French — Phoenix, Arizona
2 years ago

Rocket French is an incredible value. It's fun to use and incredibly effective. I was completely new to the French language before moving to France, so I bought Rocket French three months before I moved to get me started... More

Kay Trudell

Rocket French — Grand Isle / Vermont, United States
2 years ago

I just LOVE my Rocket French courses. I purchased the complete CD packages (Rocket French 1, 2, 3) and listen to them over and over in the car. This is a no- hassle, no-pressure, easy and relaxed way to learn another language... More

Charlie Wallace

Rocket Arabic — Denver
2 years ago

So far this is an amazing course. This is a great way to learn Egyptian Arabic. The quality is very good as well as being easy to use. I would highly recommend this to my friend. Actually, my friend is joining now... More

Stephen Giles

Rocket French — Brisbane
2 years ago

Rocket French is a valuable learning tool. The diction in both languages is excellent and the course is overflowing with so much input. What I personally like about it is - you can come back to it at any time without losing your course fee etc... More

Michael Fuller

Rocket Japanese — Aracruz
2 years ago

This is a very good site. Other sites do not present the language in an organized fashion like this site does. I am very impressed. It is the best that I have seen so far. The way the language is presented is very effective. More

Md. Hossain

Rocket German — Waiblingen
2 years ago

Rocket German is my favorite online language learning website because Interactive Audio Lessons, Voice Recognition, Language & Culture Lessons are very helpful and very easy to use. I would highly recommend this website to my friends and family... More

Keith  Fricker

Rocket Spanish — Nottingham
2 years ago

Rocket Spanish is a revelation! At first glance the trial lesson looked like a lot of "fragmented" vocabulary to take on board. However, once started it quickly turns into a trail of gradual understanding... More

Kevin Haas

Rocket French
2 years ago

We have tried several other programs but this is really working to learn french. We like how they use native speakers and are so organized. Also , this program can we used for school age kids as well. Highly recommend to anyone trying to learn how to speak french. More

Martha Mwelu
1 Like

Rocket Spanish — nairobi
2 years ago

An amazing and fast way to learn spanish..better than all the other apps that i have tried..was alittle reluctant trying it out at first but after the first lesson i completely loved it..i would refer all the people who want to learn spanish online to use this app... More

pooja mukherjee

Rocket French
2 years ago

Well, I arrived in France three months back & before coming I learnt the basics of French from Module 1 and from survival kit & it helped me a lot in communicating to people initially. I am still learning here and communicating with people... More

Karen Carter

Rocket French
2 years ago

Wow!! Thank you for making Flash card vocab revision earn points!! It was a necessary evil before, that I'd tack onto the beginning or end of a lesson . . . I feel even more virtuous now that I can see the tally go up, and it counts towards my active streak! UPDATE! On a recent visit to France/French-speaking Switzerland I found I could understand much more of what I read and heard than on previous visits... More

Marcelo Queiroz

Rocket Russian — Cuiabá - Mato Grosso
2 years ago

I would like to say that Rocket Languages is awesome because makes me feel comfortable about learning a difficult language such as Russian. I feel like I have had a immersion in the Russian words and culture, seeming to me as if I were living there... More

Md Kamruzzaman Mahbub

Rocket French — Dhaka
2 years ago

Rocket French helps me to apprendre french facile. I hope I can get the french language easily with Rocket French by following their instruction on daily basis. I am keenly & inherently want to learn french language... More

Erik Corkran

Rocket Spanish — Colorado, United States
2 years ago

I decided to try Rocket Spanish because I wanted to learn some Spanish before a trip to Ecuador. I just returned, and the Spanish I learned with Rocket Spanish was not only extremely helpful, it made my trip so much more fun... More

Dr. Donna Maria Romeo

Rocket Italian
2 years ago

I first started my Italian lessons using Rosetta Stone. After spending almost $300 on the complete Italian course, I advanced pretty quickly and then just gave up after completing a few levels. It was a chore and not fun... More

Bronwyn Evans

Rocket Japanese — Hemel Hepstead
2 years ago

To all my fellow "I have been burned in the past " people, I have found Rocket to be a great buy so far. The navigation and use of the Rocket package is very easy and user friendly, and I enjoy the interactivity and goal orientated nature of the courses... More

Hao Luo

Rocket French
2 years ago

Great language learning tool. The fact that they have a native speaker teaching us in audio lessons really helped with my pronunciation. New vocabulary is learned with new words woven into each lesson... More


Rocket French — Tehran
2 years ago

Experiencing several methods of learning foreign languages ,I can assure you that ROCKET LANGUAGE ,has created one of the best methods of learning languages. I sincerely congratulate all the founders of this Language Center ,especially M/S LIN PING and M/S Marie Claire Riviere who are undoubtedly specialized in teaching useful and applicable phrases and dialogues . More

Alexandria Peary

Rocket Italian
2 years ago

I'm impressed by Rocket Languages: I'm learning much more than I thought was possible online and having a good deal of fun. It's pedagogically-savvy (more so than other language-learning products) because it uses a variety of learning methods... More

Mary Lightbody

Rocket Italian
2 years ago

Grazie...this is the best site ever...I am in an Immersion class in Boston..this site helps me to hear and share...I have hearing issues..I love the whole concept..thank you.. Mary Jane from Walpole, Ma... More

James  Woody

Rocket French — Coppell, TX
2 years ago

I've only been using Rocket French for an hour but already I've so much! I feel as if I could talk to a fluent French speaker and understand them and communicate right back. The program gives you so many options as to how to learn, and doing all of them (since they are included!) is the best way possible! More

Lorelle Wendt

Rocket French — Victoria
2 years ago

I am thrilled to have been referred to Rocket French. I found that I was tackling French in a totally academic manner. ie. I was learning to read it and write it very well, but when it came to stringing a sentence together, I fumbled! Rocket French has enabled me to have lots of interactive practice in listening to the French accent and responding with confident pronunciation... More


Rocket Spanish — texas
2 years ago

I just purchased Rocket Spanish it was a Special so I wanted to give it a try I have reviewed many of utube video concerning how to best learn Spanish because I really want to learn a second language so here I am for the past two weeks I have listen to stories and repeating after the teacher I hope to increase my learning by taking each lesson and learning to speak by the end of the year I also like the email tips... More

Gerard Clauzel

Rocket Japanese — Udon Thani
2 years ago

Bonjour,Konnichiwa,Hello, Ola, Sawadee,Selamat Hari "Rocket Languages" est une méthode d'enseignement absolument extraordinaire, J'ai par le passé étudié de nombreuses langues étrangères et j'en parle couramment plusieurs : Francais, Anglais, Portugais, Espagnol, Indonésien, Malais, Brésilien, Thai, mais je dois dire que je n'ai jamais trouvé une methode d'enseignement aussi complète et pédagogique que "Rocket Languages" et a un prix absolument imbattable... More

John  Vallis

Rocket Chinese
2 years ago

Makes it easy to stay on track! There is a lot of speaking practice integrated in this program, which uses novel technology to help assess your pronounciation, and you can set it to various levels, which helps a lot! Great way to save vocabulary also! More

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