Spanish Prepositions

This series of lessons is all about Spanish Prepositions. Spanish prepositions are a set of connectors (like para, de or con) that show a relationship between a verb, noun, or adjective and a following noun phrase, noun, or pronoun (called the object of the preposition).

Understanding Spanish Prepositional Pronouns

In Spanish, the prepositional pronouns are exactly the same as the subject pronouns with the exceptions of “mí” and “ti”. Check out this lesson for more!

The Spanish Prepositions - A, DE, EN, HACIA, and CON

In this lesson, we’ll look at the Spanish prepositions a, de, en, hacia, and con. You will hear these words all the time in a variety of contexts. Unfortunately, there is no single meaning in English for any of them.

The Spanish Prepositions - DESDE, ENTRE, SIN and HASTA

This lesson covers the Spanish prepositions desde, entre, sin, and hasta. You will find tons of examples with audio to really help you remember these!

The Spanish Prepositions - POR and PARA

The Spanish prepositions por and para are extraordinarily confusing in Spanish, because they have such similar meanings and such diverse usages. Don’t expect to master the uses of por and para straight away, it will take time and practice!

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