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Spanish Salutations

This series of Spanish lessons covers all the different Spanish salutations. From "Hello" to "Good bye" and everything in between, these lessons will help you become the ultimate in politeness when you encounter Spaniards!

Ways to say Good Morning in Spanish

The word for Good Morning in Spanish is Buenos días; however there are some other helpful expressions you can use to go along with it. Find out words for the different ways to say Good Morning in Spanish with this free lesson.

Saying Goodbye in Spanish

It wouldn't be Spanish if there wasn't a variety of ways to say Good bye! In this lesson we’ll cover several common ways to say goodbye when talking to Spanish people.

Common greetings in Spanish

Ready to learn some different greetings in Spanish? This free audio lesson will add tons of useful phrases to your Spanish language survival kit.

Listen carefully to the Spanish pronunciation and practice saying the Spanish phrases aloud--you’ll have these mastered in no time!


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