Goodbye in Spanish

This free audio lesson is all about saying goodbye in Spanish. Spanish goodbyes are an important part of any Spanish speakers vocabulary.

Like in most languages, there are different ways to say goodbye in Spanish; the words and expressions will vary depending on the tone you would like to use: formal, polite or casual. Knowing these words and expressions are essential when learning any language as it would reflect friendliness and good manners (some people would see someone who does not say goodbye as rude)!

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Goodbye in Spanish

How to say Goodbye in Spanish

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You can also say goodbye with one of the following phrases:



hasta luego


hasta pronto

see you soon

hasta la vista

until we see each other again

nos vemos

see ya

Some more Goodbyes in Spanish

¡Hasta siempre!

Until forever!

¡Hasta entonces!

Until then!

¡Hasta la próxima!

Until next time!

Saludos y abrazos a todos. ¡Buena suerte!

Regards and hugs to everyone. Good luck!


Take care of yourself

¡Bueno, que tengas un buen día!

Well, have a good day!

Keep in mind that in most Hispanic countries people greet and say goodbye with a kiss. Usually in Latin America one kiss is given, while in Spain two kisses is the custom, one on each cheek; so don’t be surprised when a Hispanic person greets you with a kiss when you have just met!

How to write Goodbye in Spanish

You can also use goodbye in a written way. When we finish a letter or email, these are some expressions you could use to end it:

  • Saluda cordialmente a Ud. (formal) - Yours sincerely
  • Atentamente (formal) - Sincerely
  • Cariñosamente - Lovingly / Dearly (if it’s someone close or know you)
  • Marta y yo les deseamos lo mejor - Martha and I wish you the best
  • Dele mis saludos a... - Give my regards to… (unspecified person)
  • Esperando… tu respuesta/saber de tí. - Waiting on your answer/ hear from you.
  • Quedo a la espera de tu/su respuesta. - I look forward to your answer/reply.
  • Abrazos/Besos de parte de... - Hugs / Kisses from…
  • Un saludo desde... (Chile, Londres... etc). - Greetings from ... (Chile, London ... etc).
  • Con amor - With love
  • Con cariño - With love
  • Escríbeme pronto - Write me soon!

That’s it for this lesson. Complete your learning by looking at some more Spanish salutations.

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See you soon! ¡Hasta pronto!

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