Rocket Chinese Level 1

Get conversational right away by learning the most useful Chinese first. Then, immerse yourself in the most comprehensive beginner’s Mandarin Chinese course there is.

Who’s it for?

Rocket Chinese Level 1 is the online Mandarin course for you, if you:

  • have no, or a limited, prior background in Chinese
  • learned Chinese years ago and want a refresher course
  • want to reach a good conversational level of Chinese

Why should you choose Rocket Chinese Level 1?

Our philosophy at Rocket Languages is to provide you with the most immersive Chinese learning experience possible. This means that the course covers all the aspects of Mandarin that you need to integrate yourself into a Chinese-speaking community.

You will learn how to:

  • speak, read and write Chinese;
  • understand spoken Chinese; and
  • understand Chinese culture.

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1. Audio Lessons

The 33 Audio lessons in Level 1 are podcast-style audio lessons you can stream or download. Each lesson concentrates on a different every-day Chinese conversation.

These basic Chinese conversations are broken down into easily digestible chunks, with the grammar and pronunciation explained to you in a step-by-step way.

Every lesson is subtitled and gives you the chance to role-play in an actual Chinese conversation.

2. Language Lessons

The 29 Language lessons in Level 1 teach you the mechanics of how Chinese actually works.

We start you with the basics. Then, you choose just how much, and what, you want to learn. From ice-breakers and conversation starters to in-depth grammar explanations, it’s your choice.

To make sure you’re learning correctly, our state-of-the-art voice recognition system gives you the ability to perfect your pronunciation virtually. Every one of the 1891 Chinese words and phrases in the course uses this technology.

This is the easiest and best way to sound like a native Chinese speaker before having to speak to one in real-life!




bù hǎo

not good

3. Culture Lessons

The Culture lessons detail aspects of everyday life, important people, and significant moments in history so you’ll avoid any embarrassing cultural faux pas.

4. Writing Lessons

To get around China like a local, it is essential that you can read the Chinese writing system, Hanzi. And you can impress the locals by showing them just how well you can write this beautiful and elegant script. This is why we have tons of lessons that teach you to read and write Hanzi using our script-writer tool.

5. Rocket Reinforcement Activities

Our scientifically-designed lesson activities ensure you understand the material. The clever algorithms show you the Chinese words and phrases that you are weak on until they stick like glue.

No matter what kind of learner you are – audio, visual, reading/writing or even kinesthetic – our Rocket Reinforcement activities will improve your Chinese speaking, listening, writing and recall skills in fun and engaging ways.

One of these activities is Play It!, designed to get you thinking quickly in Chinese. Try it here.


Nǐ hǎo ma?

How are you?


Wǒ hěn hǎo,xièxie。Nǐ ne?

I'm very good, thanks. What about you?


Wǒ yě hěn hǎo,xièxie。

I'm also very good, thanks.







6. Advanced Learning Techniques

The U.S. Foreign Service Institute claims it takes around 600 hours of study to reach “general professional proficiency” or higher. Rocket Chinese cuts that time by giving you over 30 advanced learning techniques that are proven to help you learn Chinese more effectively.

What other goodies are there?

All the following come standard with all Rocket Languages courses:

Android and iOS apps

Rocket Chinese is accessible on computers, iPhones and Android phones. You can use the course anywhere you go, even offline.

Free updates for life

Our courses are constantly being improved and expanded upon. They’re not stuffy old textbooks. Instead, they’re more like living encyclopedias that are regularly updated with fresh changes and vocabulary (for free).

60-day guarantee

After you order, you'll have 60 days to try it out. If you decide it's not for you, for ANY reason, then just contact the Customer Support team for a full refund. No questions. No hassles. It's that simple.

Still thinking about it?

We believe that Rocket Chinese offers the most bang for your buck.

We have spent millions of dollars and over 15 years developing our award-winning Rocket Chinese system so you don't have to!

What's more, Rocket Chinese is yours for less than the cost of one private Chinese lesson. In fact, it works out to be less than $1 per hour of tuition. That's an unbeatable value in anyone's book.

You can start your journey to Chinese mastery in less than 1 minute. As soon as you order, you'll be directed to the Rocket Chinese members' area, where you can access all the tools you need to truly master Chinese.

Remember, your access is 24/7 and is yours for life, including any and all course upgrades. So once you have it, you can come back at any time!

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