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Arabic typing tutor software guided in English


Hi everyone, My name is Anh. I started learning Arabic on Rocket Languages not long ago. I'm writing to ask if any of you knows a good Arabic typing tutor software in English that could help in typing Arabic with 10 fingers. All the Arabic typing softwares I searched on the Internet is guided in Arabic. While I am just a beginner in Arabic, I can't understand those. Looking forward to your help. Thanks very much. Kieu Anh


Hello this is one has Arabic and English as well , and from the photo i can see that's guided in english


Thanks Maha. This is very helpful!


you are welcome :)


Just so you're aware, there are two keyboard selections for Arabic: QWERTY and the Arabic used in Arab countries. QWERTY attempts to match the keyboard as best it can with the English language keyboard with some adjustments, of course, to allow for the different letters that English doesn't have.


thanks maha for the link

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