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Welcome ! This is a great opportunity to practice reading and writing in Chinese with your fellow Rocket Chinese learners. So browse some of the posts, take your Chinese reading skills for a spin and when you're ready, introduce yourself and get chatting! Don't be afraid to make mistakes - these are learners just like you and they're here to help.

lesson 1.8 time quiz

Can some1 explain these question answers? Choose the odd one that doesn’t fit into the group. nǎr jǐ ma le - ( correct ) Also, why can't shídiǎn èrkè can't be used? doesn't èrkè mean 2 quarters which is half past? All of the following...

3 replies - Last post by Lin-Ping - August 7, 2011


If I want to say " My spoken Chinese is slow", would this be correct? Wo shuo Hanyu man

6 replies - Last post by Lin-Ping - August 7, 2011

Difference between flat and neutral tones?

Could you please explain the difference between flat and neutral tones and, if possible, provide or direct me to an audio example. Thank you.

3 replies - Last post by olabidemi-a - July 18, 2011


Wǒ xū yào shí jiàn gǎi jín wǒ de jiǎng huá de dí dì hǎnyǔ. Zuí hǎo zenmě zuò cǐ?

8 replies - Last post by Lin-Ping - July 12, 2011


nihao, does "shu uey shusihao" mean the 14th of october? shieh shie amir

4 replies - Last post by Lin-Ping - June 29, 2011

When are certain words required?

It seems that sometimes certain words can be included but don't need to be. My first two are "de" and "shì". Shì was introduced in 1.1, meaning "to be" and "de" in 1.2, meaning "belonging to". However, in 1.1 with the phrase "Wǒ xìng Lewis," neither wer...

3 replies - Last post by Oggiedoggy - December 8, 2010

What Dialect Will You Learn After Mandarin?

I have a good friend at college who is Shanghainese, so that makes me want to learn that. I also have some friends from Guangdong, so I may choose Cantonese instead... What about you?

0 replies - Last post by Oggiedoggy - December 6, 2010


他的车是什么颜色? JC

1 reply - Last post by Lin-Ping - June 15, 2010

Are both correct?

Nǐmen hao, Yǒurén néng bu néng gàusu wǒ zenmě yòng "yào" he "xiǎng"? Bǐ rú: wǒ yào qù Běijīng....wǒ xiǎng dào nǐ de jiā.

2 replies - Last post by barryh - November 27, 2008

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