Hi all

Started watching a series on Nettflix “Jaguar” Not sure if it my cup of tea yet, may get to violent and that is never my cup of tea. Thought the language was in Spanish with English subtitles. But then realized I was listening to it in Italian, Which is also a huge bonus. I find listening to films that are dubbed, just doesn't work for me. So regardless whether I speak the language or not, I prefer to listen to it in the original language with subtitles. Once I have finished the first episode will then switch to the italian subtitles too. to improve my vocabulary and spelling. They speak too fast for me to understand all the Italian and so many words I don't know yet.




Hi Sebongela, 


What a great way to practice your language skills! I'm afraid I haven't watched “Jaguar” yet, but might give it a try :D 

I think that watching it dubbed with subtitles really optimizes your time spent watching it as you can pratice both the listening and the reading!

I imagine there will be several new words, but even grasping the overall meaning of a conversation will be an outstanding achievement in my opinion. It does truly help.



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