An issue when recording numbers


Hola Rocket Team and fellow learners!


I have had the program for three years now, and there has been a persistent issue for me.  At first I thought it was me, being somewhat new to the language and having a gawdawful accent,  but now I think it is the program.
The problem is numbers - when recording saying any number, the program takes a long time to process my recording, and 99.9% of the time, it comes up the number itself (say....$250 instead of doscientos cincuenta pesos) and then it doxes my recording.  This issue is in every part of the program, all levels, any part of "play it" - I don't care about it giving me only 50% of a score because I know I said it right, I can play it back and hear it. It is fine.  Sometimes it quits recording my sentence after the number - example:

"Give the man a hundred dollars and leave them" .   "Dar al hombre cien dólares y  dejarlos"

The recording stops at $100 -    "Dar al hombre $100" - I play it back and I am clearly saying the full sentence.

Does anyone else have this issue?   I am just curious because it is starting to be mildly irritating - the slowness of the recording to process the number interrupts the flow of a "Play It" conversation, and the only time it would matter on a score is if I take a benchmark test.  Again, I know I am saying the numbers correctly, and my accent is much better than it was three years ago, so I am pretty sure it is not me.
But I would like to know if anyone else has this issue with recording numbers.


Samara Can't Speak Spanish

Yes. I am also experiencing that same issue too, KellyMJara! Numbers are giving me much trouble now, so I just roll with that 50% that I get until that problem is fixed. :)   :)   :)


Agree. There does seem to be an issue with the programme recognising most numbers, but especially when followed by 'dolares' etc. However, like others, I just put this down to the software and accept that I'm going to be marked down.


Hi Samara and Sheffield - 

Thanks for answering, sorry you are having the same issue too, but at least now I know for certain it is not my accent.....I hope.


It seems like i always have trouble with numbers as well, and was extremely concerned as well and now I know that it not only me so I just go on to the next phrase.

Still appreciate the program 


Hi Joe - 

I am glad I finally posted this question, it did reassure me that it was a program glitch and not me, and I am happy that it has put other peoples possible stresses over the matter at ease.

But it is certainly not a big complaint!  I love Rocket, and I take breaks from it so I don't burn out, but when I come back it is so great - I get really addicted, and can spend hours working it. So yes, I totally appreciate the program also. I have a lot of them, and Rocket stays in my top 5, never slips.

Here's to Rocket Spanish! 

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