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Entertaining TV series recommendation?



My son advises listening to T.V. shows, to help me with pronounciation (he says the more you listen, the more you get how things are pronounced.) It seems solid to me, but I really can't deal with the teen shows he watches. I've heard Latin American soaps can be fun, and also have simple dialog, but not sure how to find them. Any recommedations? (I'm fine with watching simple and ridiculous grown-up shows, but teen stuff just drives me nuts for some reason.)



¡Hola RachelS84!

I agree with your son: watching TV shows and movies in Spanish is an excellent way to keep immersing yourself in the language from home and to help improve your pronunciation and comprehension. (Music is great for this too!) 

I unfortunately don't have any good recommendations myself for TV shows, as I gravitate more towards movies; however, I may be able to help you find something that you like!

I would suggest starting off by choosing a platform that you already have access to (such as Netflix or Hulu, for example) and then Googling “Latin American TV Netflix” or “Latin American TV Hulu” - this should bring up a whole host of results that you can choose from and that are already easy for you to access. 

You can also start out by watching clips on YouTube to see what might appeal to you, simply by searching for things like telenovela latinoamericana ("Latin American soap opera") or serie latinoamericana ("Latin American series"). 

Another option, if you're having trouble finding things that you like, is picking a show that you already enjoy in English and seeing whether there is a dubbed version available in Spanish. Some people find it particularly useful to do this with shows that they already know well, since they don't have to try to follow the plot; instead, they can concentrate on the language.  

I hope that this is helpful!



Necesito mi libro

Necesito mi libro

Hi Rachel,

You posted this a while ago, but in case you are still looking for recommendations:

I have found Netflix in particular to be useful for finding Spanish-language shows. They're easy to find on there, all you have to do is search “Spanish" using Netflix's search function, and it'll show you a lot of Spanish stuff (no idea if this is the best way to do it, but it's what I've been doing). If you're interested in finding shows from a particular country, you can also search for “Mexican," “Colombian," etc., and it'll show you some shows/movies from that country.

I've been watching Nailed It! Mexico (Nailed It! Spain exists as well) and they use words that are relatively easy for me understand. I've liked all versions of Nailed It! that I've watched, but the show is pretty silly, and I don't know how silly is too silly for you.

I also tried to watch Sing On! Spain a little bit, but I'll be honest, it was kind of distracting, and I had a lot of trouble following along with anything anyone was saying. It seems entertaining, though.

I've also had Money Heist and the Cable Girls recommended to me over and over but haven't watched them. Those are both rated TV-MA, so be careful I guess if adult content makes you uncomfortable (I'm assuming it doesn't, but it seems worth it to warn you and anyone else who reads this just in case).

Good luck! I hope you find/have found some shows that appeal to you! Sorry I don't have many recommendations. I mainly watch kids' shows with the language set to Spanish, because even those are still challenging for me to understand. :P

EDIT: Just want to clarify that everything I've mentioned is found on Netflix.

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