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Hear It Say It! - Say the English out loud


Probably everyone already does this but I wasn't and it does make a difference. When going through this section, I would always repeat the Spanish out loud but just mentally note the English translation. That was a mistake. Now I repeat both out loud until I can say both correctly without looking at the text. This has really helped me in getting these phrases usable in a conversation.


I don't do it either but it does sound like a good idea. All of the advice seems to be to not just read or think a phrase, but to say it out loud, to use your facial muscles in concordance with your brain.

A long time ago I adopted the idea of writing down every sentence that I was not completely familiar with as I translated them. It takes a lot longer, but like speaking, writing reinforces thinking. Also, it uncovers small errors in translation that might otherwise slip by. Just yesterday I read that the smallest Spanish words are the most difficult to get right, and I agree with that. When I encounter a sentence with several 2 or 3 letter words in quick succession they confound me.

Phédre nó Delaunay de Montréve

Good tip, Steven.  I'll have to try that. Like you, I typically say the Spanish. I'll make effort to say the english translation as well. 

I usually focus on the audio flashcards and say them over and over again even if I get "100%"
I speak the word/ phrase until it feels natural. I also imagine using it in additional conversation and look up those phrases. 


He estado siguiendo el consejo de Esteban desde su mensaje. No se por qué, pero  parace  ayudarme recordar como decir las frases en español. ¡Gracias!



Hola Daniel et Phédre nó Delaunay de Montréve*

Me alegro que mi experiencia / consejo les sea útil. Sé que RL nos pidieron que dijéramos las frases a voz alta pero creo que la mayoría entre nosotros solo lo hacemos con la parte española. Espero que precisen  ese en las instrucciones generales del curso para los demás.



* Tu tarjeta de visita debe ser muy larga… :-)

Phédre nó Delaunay de Montréve

Hola Steven!

Phedra no es mi verdadero nombre. El nombre es de un personaje de un libro que me gusta.


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