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Forum Rocket Spanish Conversation in Spanish How are you supposed to use hear it say it?

How are you supposed to use hear it say it?


I see you can record your version in Spanish, but does it grade you on how accurate your pronunciation is or you are supposed to grade yourself?


It does give you a grade, but you can override it, as you can in all of the testing modules. I quite often override the grade, either because I know that I structured the sentence correctly and pronounced the words properly but the computer thought otherwise, or because I know I made an error that the computer did not catch. Also, I deliberately speak slowly to make sure that I pronounce the words correctly, and the computer often cuts me off before I am finished. Since I, and not the computer, am in charge, I override the grade and give myself appropriate credit.

These tests are to give me feedback on how well I am doing, so I feel that the more fair and objectively I rate my responses, the better I will learn to speak Spanish.


I must be missing something.  Where does it grade you?  I'm using it on the iOS app.  I speak into it.  it records what i say.  And then I see colored options for "hard to easy" etc.


I agree with garymf.  This feature isn't working today--I'm on a desktop.


Hi Garymf and Shelly,
You have to tap or click on the "hard to easy" color options to grade yourself, depending on what device you are using to learn your language. I use a Mac and sometimes have to logout, close the page, and then re-open it to get them to work. Hope this helps! 


I know how to grade myself. The issue was it grading me when I spoke.  It wasn't working the other day.  It seems ot be now.   You click the red mic, speak, and then it either gives you a green "100" or 75% or a 50%" etc.

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