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Hola todo 
I recently have been trying to get into language exchanges since I feel as though I don't get enough speaking practice. The other day I did 3 exchanges with 3 different people. 2 from Colombia and 1 from El Salvador. Although I was nervous at first I had so much fun !! It made me very happy because they all had so many positive things to say about my spanish. One person couldn't believe how great my vocabulary and pronunciation is, saying how he does exchanges a lot with english speakers and my accent/pronunciation is the best he has heard and he thought I have been learning for at least 2 years when I've only been learning for about 8 months and was shocked that I was able to understand nearly everything he said to me in Spanish. I explained to one guy that I plan on studying abroad soon and he said to me "why? You don't need to. You already speak Spanish fluently", that statement made me excited!! He even called his wife into the room to hear how well I spoke which made me blush hahahaha. Since my spanish was more advanced than their english, I gave a lot of explanations for English related things in spanish which I never know I could do !! I am very very happy; I've realized how much I have progressed since changing the way I learn. Having natives tell me these things about my Spanish made a world of difference in my confidence!! I really hope this inspires you guys to know that all of your hard work WILL pay off. So keep up the great work guys !! Anything is possible with consistency and dedication!! 
Buena suerte! 


Hola Darius,

I've just started on a language exchange using Skype and I've likewise found it very encouraging / helpful. Thanks for your words of encouragement.



p.s. I found it humorous to hear that I speak Spanish with a bit of a French accent. :-)


I have been doing language exchanges via Skype for a couple of months now. I have talked with people from Spain, Venezuela, Colombia, and Argentina. And believe it or not, this afternoon I will be talking with a Spanish teacher in Moscow. This has been a great addition to my quest to learn Spanish. The lessons here have given me a good vocabulary and a grounding in grammar. I think that I read and write Spanish pretty well for the length of time that I have been studying. But, my goal is to speak Spanish and to be able to understand spoken Spanish, and these sessions are critical to this aspect.

I have learned a lot about the culture and daily life in the countries that I have "visited" through my speaking partners. Also, it has been interesting to hear the different accents. As I had been told, Colombians are easier to understand, and Argentinians can be difficult sometimes. One of the people I have spoken with several times from Spain is a Spanish teacher, and I have noticed and appreciated how neutral and easy to understand her accent is.


I totally agree, Dan. I just finished talking with a Spanish woman living in Switzerland. I wish I had started using this service a long time ago - it's the perfect complement to Rocket Spanish. For the handful of times that I've been on Skype, I've noticed a significant improvement in my ability to communicate each successive conversation.


Hola Darius, thank you for sharing your experiences and your inspiration, and to Dan and Steven too! It must be brilliant to get such encouragement and reinforcement from native speakers. This is something I will be looking to try in the not too distant future, I have only been learning for a couple of months so would like a little more under my belt first!!

Ava Dawn

Same here......


What language exchange web site would you recommend? There are so many of them...


I have had good luck at finding partners.

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