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Learning to trill double and triple r's



Hola Amigo's,

 I am trying to learn to trill my “r's”. I've viewed several clips on Yotube and some of the clips/teachers

contradict one another. Does anyone have any recommendations on how/where I can learn to trill my r's?

Gracias, Senor Merlin



¡Hola Merlin-dG!

Thanks for your question! You can find an explanation on how to trill your Rs in our course in Lesson 1.8: “How to Pronounce Different Words,” under the heading “Letters With Different Sounds.” If you're still having trouble after going through this explanation and the examples there, though, then here are a few additional tips that might help:

- Using only the tip of your tongue at the front of your mouth, try to imitate a similar sound, like that of a purring cat or a school bell. 
- If you're a North American English speaker, try saying the word “butter” over and over again very quickly. The spot that your tongue hits on the “tt” in “butter” is the spot where it should be when you roll your R’s. 
- Try saying a word that requires a trilled R (such as barrio “neighborhood”) with a soft (flap) R a few times, and then try to really lean on that R sound, vibrating your tongue as you do so. 

Trilling your Rs is a tricky thing to master and can take some time, since you're trying to teach your tongue to move in a way that it's never moved before! But don't give up: if you practice repeatedly, as much as you can (maybe while you're on the way to work, while you're moving the lawn, etc.), then at some point it will just click and you'll get it.

I hope that this helps! Keep it up - you'll get there!



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