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Here is something that I would like to pass on to anyone interested. I have found that using an mp3 player and listening to Rocket Spanish while I am doing my daily walks is very helpful as I can repeat phrases and learn as I am walking. Yesterday I was walking while my wife was shopping. I did not have my mp3 player but I did happen to find a brochure written en espanol that was put out by the state's DMV. I was walking in a park area and began to read it aloud to myself and in so doing I found myself learning new words that were "real world" stuff not normally found in textbooks or courses. It was a wonderful experience and I just want to pass it on. I learned a lot from it, not only about Spanish but about the DMV point assessment system. Hasta Luego, Guillermo (Memo) (Bill)

Ava Dawn

Wonderful!. Thank you for sharing. My friend from San Salvador was visiting with me last night and I showed her the Rocket Spanish Play it. She actually got excited and realized she can really start speaking to me in Spanish. She realized that I have a lot of vocabulary, just don't know how to put them together and most of all the confidence to continue practicing. Again, nice to hear from you.


Interesting, isn't it, how many opportunities we can find to practice our new language with just a little effort? I deliberately read the spanish "subtitles" on the department signs at Lowes, look for the Spanish section of the assembly instructions for thing I buy (that were once so annoying to me) and am always on the lookout for Spanish language newspapers whenever I go into a Mexican restaurant. And, of course, watching "Modern Family" reruns...


I like to watch the Latino channels on TV. From time it time I pick up a word, or context, but it mostly helps me with the sound of the language. Commercials are great too.


I found out just a day ago that there are free spanish audio books available from Play-shop in my Samsung phone. Because nowadays I always type search word Spanish to everything, i realized the Audio Libro El Alquimista for example was totally free to listen. So now I am listening to it when I walk my dog twice a day. Maybe this is something that everybody already knows, but I did not but now I enjoy it a lot and wanted to share this. My dog is happy too, because walks are now one chapter long! note: i am not saying i understand the book but i listen and note the words that i already know...


Jason, please explain how to get my Level 2 and Level 3 back on my iPhone.  They were working fine, I enjoyed walking while I practiced.  Now I have access only to Level 1 on my phone.  What happened?  Neither the App Store nor iTunes are operative re:  Rocket Italian.

I will happily pay for Level 3 if you respond.

Monika Greenleaf


Dear Monika,

Thank you very much for getting in touch with us, and our apologies that you're experiencing trouble accessing these levels. I will notify our customer support team and they will email you to help resolve the issue.

Best wishes,


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