Me lo quedo - I'll take it


Interesting expression I just came across listening to a video. "I'll take it."

From the context it was clear what was meant, but to look at the expression written, I wouldn't have guessed that.


I find quedar very confusing, with all of its different and seemingly non-related meanings.

It is an interesting construction. Bing translator had absolutely no idea what to do with it. Lo quedo came back as I will take it, but with the me in front it returned "I am so me."


According to, one of the meanings of the reflexive verb quedarse is to keep, or to retain.  Google translate thinks it is "I'll take" which is pretty close.

Ava Dawn

Me lo tomo


Interesting, you can have fun with this.  If you start with “me lo quedo” the machine translators are all different.  None of them return “I’ll take it”.  If you start with “I’ll take it” none of them use quedar.  Most use tendré.  “La tendré” seems to translate back and forth best, but three out of five translaters don’t retain the meaning even then.  For this phrase anyway.English and Spanish seem to have evolved differently.


I have to say that I am partial to "I am so me." :-)

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