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I'm just coming back to Rocket Spanish after several years.  Can't find Megagames that I purchased previously?


Discontinued. You can find out the details as to why doing a search in the forum - there are several threads on this.


Welcome back, by the way.


Dan, scarfing up those 100 points. I knew you'd be right behind me. :-)


¡Ja ja! No puedo engañarte, Esteban. 


Yes, megagames went away when Rocket Languages dropped Flash as their platform.  They added flashcards but I still think they have a lot of work to make them truly useful.


I agree about the Flashcards, they definitely need some improvement and I would also like to be able to get points while using them for review. I absolutely hate that they had to drop flash, and ditch the games. I was just getting good at those.


I think it's great to be able to track your points and see how you stand against other learners, but I wouldn't stress about it.


Yes, the flashcards can use some improvement but they aren't entirely useless in their current state.  I still used them to study for a section test and feel they helped me immensely even if only through repetition.  But, they forced me to think through the answer.  I've used flashcard programs online for myself and my children many years ago when they were in school or when I was training for different courses.  I was very glad to see that the improvements Rocket Languages is going to add include most, if not all, of the functionality that my other software program had many years ago.  It really boosted our grades and was fun to use.

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