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Microphone problems


I have just bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet, I am having difficulties in getting the microphone to work on Google Chrome, my microphone works fine on other applications, could someone please give me some advice on fixing this? 


Hi Chrisnewport.
Have you tried reading the instructions to see if they give any advice on how to install your microphone on Google Chrome via your tablet? I don't use tablets, so I don't understand your delimma very much, but I have learned to read the instructions before trying to do anything of the sort. I hope that this helps a little.
Sincerely, Brittany [A fellow language learner]

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Chrisnewport, 

I am sorry to hear you are having problems with the microphone; so, is the problem happening on any website using Google Chrome? For our course, if you use a tablet or a smartphone, we recommend using the free app instead of the browser for a better performance of the features. 


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