Online tutoring recommendations?


I have been extremely happy with my rocket Spanish subscription. And now I am thinking of giving myself an extra boost with online 1:1 tutoring with a Spanish language instructor.  Can anyone recommend a few options? I greatly appreciate any suggestions!
Thank you very much!


I was looking into this in the past but never followed up on it. Here is one site I came across that you might want to check out:


I've also been meaning to do this as well but haven't yet.  I've been looking at:


Thanks Steven and Gary for your help. I will look into both of these options.

Does anyone have a positive experience with an online tutoring service that they would recommend? 

Thanks in advance!


I've been using iTalki for a while, and I'm quite happy. There are many different instructors with many different teaching styles and prices. Don't be afraid to try a few before choosing.

They have professional teachers, and they have community tutors. The tutors are generally less expensive, but generally don't provide structured lessons. They provide a more casual conversation, but can also help with grammar and vocab.

Here is a tutor that I like and am currently using:


Thanks for the information and your suggestion, Sleepyhead!
I am exploring the long lists of tutors on italki and preply and I'm happy to hear that you recommend trying a few before choosing. It's exciting; I'll report with my experiences.
All the best,


I have used for several years.  It provides one-on-one Skype sessions with a fully trained Spanish educator from Guatemala.  I do 2 classes a week.  The cost is extremely reasonable and you get a free session to try it out.  Excellent value.


Thanks Karen,
This sounds like a great recommendation - I will check it out immediately!


I hope it works for you.  My teacher is Carolina Reyes.  She is excellent.  Her English is better than mine!  She is extremely knowledgeable and well informed.  She is also very patient and interesting.  Feel free to mention my name, Karen Booth.


I use an intercambio.  I watch a 2-4 minute in Spanish prior to meeting.  He does the same but in English.  We both watch each others video.  
Then we discuss the videos.  This works really well.
For example.  I watched this, studied it, got the transcript from youtube, looked up words, etc.
#1 The fantastic thing about it--watching a video that you are interested in.  I enjoy the RS content, but I am more interested in bees, surfing, permaculture, Gospel of Mark, treating a splinter, etc.
This personal interest naturally motivates me to prepare for the next session.  I get to study Spanish, my interests, share my interests with another listener, practice my Spanish.  Lots of wins there!
#2 It keeps the session focussed on a task.
#3 Even if I find his video uninteresting at first, it usually turns out fine.  
#4 Feel brave, go beyond a 'safe' topic.
#5 After you have retold the info, you can editorialize.  You can step up through Bloom's Taxonomy as your own ability allows.


Thanks Travis - This is my first time hearing of intercambios. It sounds like a wonderful idea. I have been looking around online to find out more, and I would really appreciate hearing more about your experience:
How did you meet your intercambio?
Do you meet face-to-face or online?
And, do you know of any online platform for finding intercambios?
Thanks again for your recommendation,


Search google with 'intercambio'  etc.  also 'how to best use a language exchange' for tips.
I use Zoom.  You can save the chat.  We type in our native language when/what the other is trying to say something about the video.   He says 'I y me like video about crocodiles' and I might type....'I liked the video about the crocodiles.'  Since second language learners speak slowly and Eng is my native tongue and I am a fast typist and now he can read it as reinforcement and I know the context/video....all that adds up to win-win.

Jay2116 is my go-to. I have tried a couple of others, but they just do not seem to work as well. On italki you can select community tutors or professionally licensed teachers. Tutors can be had for as little as 3-4 dollars per hour, and teachers with a license are minimum 8 dollars per hour. You can also find a language exchange partner on italki that doesn't cost anything. Italki uses italki classroom any of the other popular meeting platforms. You can record your classes after you let the other person know you would like to. I use the built-in screen recorder found on all modern Microsoft based computers. Specifically on italki, I recommend ABRAHAM G. MELGAR he is a polyglot, and really understands what learning another language is like. He is also such a nice guy. He goes above and beyond to help you out. He speaks perfect English, Japanese, and is a native Spanish speaker. He is also currently learning french. Let me know if you have any other questions. 

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