Forum Rocket Spanish Conversation in Spanish pero no hay como. <----- What does that mean?

pero no hay como. <----- What does that mean?


Yes, I like to travel, but I don't see how.
Sí, me gusta viajar, pero no hay como.

what does "no hay como" mean??
I am RELI confused.


Hola Fiona,

It can be as the lesson is translated : " I don't see how" or " But there is  no way" etc. It's not  going to happen because of his financial situation etc.. Don't try to translate it  literally




This is an idiomatic thing.  hay = there is, como = how, so "no hay como" = "there is no how" basically means "there is now way how".  If I translate word for word and stay stuck on that, it does not make sense.  But, roughly speaking, i.e. idiomatically, it does make sense.

Ava Dawn

I like to travel but there is no way I can



Idiomatic, exactly, and there are so many. When I say or hear something like "hace frio"  my brain processes that as "it's cold" not "it makes cold". I'm not translating in my head, it's just there in my "Spanish mind" so to speak. I hope that makes sense.



I heard a great idiom from my Peruvian tutor just this morning. I am studying feverishly for an exam (nothing to do with Spanish) and asked her if there was a Spanish equivalent to cramming for a test.

She said that at least in her country they say, "Comer el libro", literally "eat the book." I thought that was a particularly apt phrase.

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