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Pronunciation of V and B


Module 1.8
If you ask someone to spell a word in Spanish for you, that person may differentiate 'b' and 'v' by talking about beh grande (big 'b') and beh pequeño (little 'v').

Should this be "big B and little b."?


Yes, I think you are correct.  That must be a typographical error and a somewhat confusing one at that.


Estoy de acuerdo con Roberto. What is the point of a big b if there isn't a smaller b, and what is the point of a small v if there isn't a larger one? Marie can probably make this clearer than I can though.... Hope this helps!


I certainly agree with you all - that does sound a bit odd.

Someone posted a pretty good video awhile back on pronouncing "b" verses "v". Ricardo maybe? Anyway, in the video they referred to these as "b - burro" and "v - vaca".


Hola a todos,

Aquí está el video.



marieg-rocket languages

Hi guys, 

In Spanish you also do the same (just like Ana explained in the video), even though you say/pronounce "beh pequeña/chica/corta", the writing is "v", so it's "little/small v" (v pequeña/corta), that's the letter you're emphasizing on. The "proper" name of the letters are "beh" and "oo-veh", maybe that would differentiate them better, although you may not hear it that often...

On a personal note, I was taught an old, perhaps incorrect way :p I was told to differentiate between vello and bello when speaking so people would know what I was referring to; I don't quite agree with this pronunciation rule since the point for Spanish is that the letter you see is how you pronounce, so it's a little redundant and confusing having the same pronunciation for two different letters...



Gracias por todos Marie  :)!

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