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Quite some time ago I adopted the Scriptorium Technique described in the Advanced Learning section of this web site. I think it helped me a lot, since it caused me to slow down and really examine each sentence as I wrote it out. Now I am beginning to think I retarded my ability to speak Spanish by overusing the technique.

I am finding that it is much easier for me to write down what I would like to express than it is to think it through mentally and then express it verbally. I believe that I need to balance writing with speaking.

Just thinking out loud.


Hola Dan

 From early in my  learning,  I have kept  an ongoing  list of words and phrases in my Cue Card  study program, which entails writing it, but I also compose mock conversations, speaking to my self aloud, to my dog, and any opportunity  with native speakers, has been  my focus .Expressing  things verbally to the point that I don't have to think it through and translate in my head is what I strive for, and I keep working on it.




My progress was slowed by my not expressing myself in Spanish. Consistently going through the lessons is important but in no way sufficient. I now keep a daily journal in Spanish (where I write down the previous day's events, express thoughts, etc.) and I have several conversations a week in Spanish via Skype. That said, I feel like I have a ton of phrases in my head that haven't yet found there way out in conversations - and I think that this would probably not be the case had I been expressing myself in Spanish early on.


I completely agree that while focusing on learning a language by constant thinking and practice effectively helps you further your vocab skills, it greatly diminishes your speaking abilities and confidence


Thank you all for your perspectives.

I think I have learned a lot, but it is all trapped in my brain and I have a hard time getting it out.


"I think I have learned a lot, but it is all trapped in my brain and I have a hard time getting it out."
 My feelings exactly, Dan!!  You have expressed it perfectly.



Hola a todos,
Even though I'm obviously not as experienced as some of the learners on this forum, I would still like to share what has worked for me and helped me learn even outside of what my RS course offers...
My learning techniques are very similar to those Ricardo mentioned. I speak in Spanish to my family and translate (which doesn't annoy them too much surprisingly), and to my dogs, etc. OneNote is a great place to store mini personal conversations. Some of the basic apps on a computer may include a "Notebook" app, which I use often. I categorize from "Anger, Frustration, or Offensive Spanish Phrases" to "Friendly Spanish Phrases," etc. Also, Quizlet is an amazing way to sort out such phrases, sayings, or anything else. I also very much recommend hopping on Google Translate to type in what you think would be the way to say something, and see its English equivalent in Spanish. You'll surprise yourself with how accurate, or sometimes totally off-the-charts messed-up you are. Google Translate has also helped me learn because you are able to type in something in English, and pick apart the Spanish translation. It's a great brain exercise to make yourself see why something "works." I find that doing this helps me to know the meaning of something faster when I move on to further lessons and modules.

Buena suerte,


Two days ago in my Skype conversation, it seemed like I could barely get two words out coherently. Yesterday on very little sleep, I was just going to try and get through the conversation. And there with the exception of just a few mistaken words, I actually had a comfortable conversation for 30 minutes entirely in Spanish. Go figure. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to why or how the mind works (or doesn't).

I'm not sure what has helped me the most in my language learning, but one thing I am absolutely sure of is that you have to be stubbornly persistent. Every day. Whether you feel like it or not. Whether you see progress or not. Keep. At. It.


Felicitaciones por su conversación! And that's right Steven, commitment is key.


Estoy de acuerdo. ¡Nunca te rindas!

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