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Rocket Language Conversation Course Book - Audio?


I just downloaded the Spanish Conversation Course book, and it says right at the beginning,  "If you are reading this book from your computer, you can listen to these words and phrases aloud!  Simply position your cursor over a Spanish word or phrase located in any of the blue tables and click."

I have the book downloaded to my desktop, and it does not play any of the blue area, anywhere.  Am I doing something wrong?  Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much,


Apparently the book used to have that feature, but at some time in the past it was changed so the audio no longer works. I recall this confused me way back when I started the first course. The instructions should have been changed to reflect this and avoid confusion. The trouble, as the old TV announcement used to say, is not in your set.


How do you download this book at all? I keep seeing references to it, and it's referenced in the audio, but I don't see a download anywhere.


Hi Starshine - 

The book is found in Module One, at the very bottom of all the lessons, you see underneath 1.12 three Survival Kit courses.  The first one is a lesson, 'Body Parts" the second one is Beginners Spanish-Book. 

Go into it just as you would the regular lessons, and the instructions are right there.

I am working on a laptop, and this is what it looks like for me: (I copied and pasted exactly what is written, below:)

Beginners Spanish - Book
*Please note that there is no longer any audio associated with the Rocket Spanish Beginners Book*
Click here to download this file

"Click here to download this file" was a link, and it downloaded straight into my downloads folder.  It is 206 pages, so it takes a minute or five, lol.

I hope this helps.




P.s.  I have no idea why a smiley emoticon came up!

David K

I just downloaded into my IPad so I could study it when I'm in areas that do not have WIFI.

I am impressed with the professional, and attractive layout which is highly accessible.  The boxes around the phrases highlight them relative to the discussion in a way that makes it easy to quickly read through, if one wants to quickly scan just the Spanish sections. 

Also, at 61 my eyesight is sometimes fuzzy as I squint to see the very small text many products have on their labels. I joke that this is the younger generation seeking revenge for not letting them stay up all night to watch TV when they were kids.   Thankfully this Spanish book's text size, layout, and use of color makes it a pleasure and easy to read.

Also, the phrases are really useful.

Overall, a pleasant surprise bonus.


Thank you, @KellyMJara!


Thank you, @KellyMJara!


@Starshine  - I gather it worked? If so..... awesome.  :)  

@DavidK   - Omg, I really did laugh out loud when I read this:

"I joke that this is the younger generation seeking revenge for not letting them stay up all night to watch TV when they were kids. "

I am 54 and my eyesight is terrible, and now I can blame "the kids"  Yaaaaay!!

Have a good weekend, all



And Dan - thanks so much for your original answer, I thought I had responded and it seems I did not.  Obviously, more than my eyesight is going down the tubes, hahaha

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