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Ava Dawn

How do I switch to rocket spanish


Hi Aurora, I'm not sure how to switch over to rocket spanish without buying it separately, if your already using rocket languages for learning some other language. It's probably a good idea to ask them how to do it. Hope you enjoy it. Adios


When you purchase another language and use the same email address that you used to purchase an earlier language, they automatically link it to your account.  You can switch languages by clicking on the "Rocket Spanish" icon at the top of the page.


Me llamo  es Jeorge.  I was using my wife (Auroa-cls's) account when I asked the question.  I guess I was not clear about what i was asking.  I purchased Rocket Spanish Premium - level 1.  When I accessed the forum, It  showed Rocket Arabic . And I was not sure how to get to the Rocket Spanish forum.  As it turns out there is a button near the top.  It allows you to view, and comment in any of the languages supported. 


George: If you log out and then log back in, is the forum set for Spanish for you, or does it default to Arabic every time? Clicking on the forum button should automatically take you to the Spanish section. If not, you should get them to fix whatever is wrong. It would be a pain to make that selection every time.


Dan, It look like it was a one time thing. Thanks George

Ava Dawn

I should change my password.


Alright, I wanted to avoid getting in to this here.  When I accidently made an entry on the forum using Aurora’s Account I was using her android phone.  I was investigating why Aurora had what looked like two rocket Spanish apps.  This investigation is chronicled under “Rocket Spanish app for android phones” in Feedback and Comments.  As Marie explained there is only one app and it cannot access the forum.  The other icon that looks like an app is actually a shortcut to the login page of Mobile Rocket Spanish.  Mobile Rocket Spanish is similar to the Computer Rocket Spanish but it has some limitations.  This program can access and update the forum.  However, the forum is always in the “show all languages” mode.  So it starts on the Rocket Arabic forum.  (Forums are listed alphabetically)  This is the reason for my question.  It turns out that the other forums including Rocket Spanish can be reached by scrolling down.  One reason for using Mobile Rocket Spanish Is that you can read and update the forum from your mobile Phone.  Details are covered in: “Rocket Spanish app for android phones”

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