trouble with Lesson 8.2



I have just started lesson 8.2, which wants me to respond to Mauricio's cues with Amy's responses. The instructions says, "Don't worry it's is not cheating to peer at the written transcript." I don't see the written transcript. I want little hints as I get use to this format. I love Rocket because it makes you speak right from the beginning, which all the polyglots say is essential. I have worked with Busuu and Babble which have taught me a lot about Spanish, but not how to speak Spanish. I really want to use this format. Thanks.



¡Hola JohnS-8HKI!

Thank you very much for getting in touch with us about this!

There is unfortunately no transcript currently available in the Role Play lessons; however, if you revisit each individual lesson, you can use the Play It! activity instead. In this activity, you can choose to play as each character, and you can also use the Settings wheel to display only the English, only the Spanish, or only every second word, so that you can get some prompts as you go through the conversation.

I hope that this is helpful, and I will pass on the fact that those Role Play lesson instructions are out of date. Apologies for the confusion! Do let me know if you have any more questions. 



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