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Forum A keyboard with accented characters for the form as in the write it tests

A keyboard with accented characters for the form as in the write it tests


I am studying German but I expect this will apply to other languages too.
How about including the little keyboard that comes with the "write it" tests in the forum.

Hopefully this would encourage people to post to the forum in the language that are studying.
Oh dear it seems the subject line can't be edited, sorry for the typo.


Yeah, not being able to edit the subject line can be irritating. You also might want to consider configuring alt keys (for special characters) or an alternate language keyboard. I do the former for Spanish and have gotten reasonably proficient at using it.


Thanks for the suggestions, I think for occasional use I will try the alt key method. In the past I have used the character map app or just cut & pasted the word. In German the umlaut is the only accent and it only occurs on vowels so not too may special characters required.Still the little keyboard would be nice to have.


Being able to use the little keyboard in the forum would be great! One of the languages I'm studying on here is Arabic, so I can't just use alt keys because it's an entirely different alphabet.

Thanks for the reminder on the alt keys for Spanish. I used those all the time to write papers in high school, but that was over a decade ago.


That would be really nice for Japanese, too!


If you use Windows 10, or Android you can set a virtual keyboard for any language.  I think my version of Linux (Manjaro) offers the same feature.  In Windows 10, add the language that you want and then add the virtual keyboard.  When you change to your language you can now access a virtual keyboard for that language.  I use it for German when I use the "Write it" feature.  Instead of copying the word, or getting it wrong, I use the German virtual keyboard so I can type das Eszet ß and umlauts ö,ä,ü.

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