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Forum A suggestion for future revisions in Rocket languages

A suggestion for future revisions in Rocket languages


I am really talking about Rocket German but I expect it could apply to other languages too.

Would it be possible to add a "Tutors Notes" field to the individual phrases. This could be a bit like the existing students notes, but visible to everyone. It certainly isn't needed for every phrase but would be very useful were something new or confusing is introduced. 
It could be updated by tutors when someone asks for clarification on the forum and the tutor thinks it would be a useful addition.


By "to the individual phrases" do you mean in the "Play It" area of the Interactive Audio Lessons? (I am presuming that the general layout of Rocket is the same across languages)

If I may piggyback a suggestion: a "page tutor" button for forum threads 


Yes I am talking about the play it area. If you select a phrase and click on the abc button that appears you get the option of adding your own notes about the phrase. If the tutors could have something like that that we can all see. They would wouldn't need to do this for anything like all phrases.
I am not sure what you mean by "page tutor", is it a way of calling for help from a tutor? I would hope that the tutors would have some way of being notified when someone asks a question on the forum, but I don't think they do judging by how random answering questions seems to be.

The interactive audio lessons could also have more explanations, in German at least it is mainly just repeating phrases with little explanation.


Yes, you have it exactly—an efficient way to let tutors know their help is needed. On other forums I've participated on they have flags/buttons (like Rocket's "report spam" one) or you can "@" a member and a notification is generated and sent directly to that person.

ETA: The interactive audio lessons are similar in Japanese—you repeat the phrases. I don't know if it's the case in German (or even the later Japanese modules), but I find that there is usually a corresponding Language & Culture lesson that goes into detail about the grammar somewhere in the module.  

marieg-rocket languages

Hi there, 

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. We have forwarded the message to our Product Development Team for their consideration. 

Kind Regards!


As an alternative to this, explanatory notes could be added to the pdf lesson downloads.


In the quizzes, there are way too many questions in English which require remembering the conversations of dialogues.  That has absolutely nothing to do with learning German.  


Hi . 

I would like to recommend another feature to the existing Rocket German course. I really loved the content and the way the learning is structured . But for those who would like to use Rocket German to achieve the CEFR EU levels certification , it would help if the course woud be structured with that aim in mind  and lets the learner know that once he/she has covered the required content , can look into the respective level certification . 
Any feedback appreciated!

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