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An enhancement to flashcards


Flashcards are great, especially the ability to load custom sets. However there is a feature that would be really useful.

Would it be possible to mark particular cards that are difficult, and then have an option to only display the difficult cards.
This would allow intensive study of difficult words and then unmark words as they are learnt.


Good idea!  It would also be great to be able to feed the word list automatically through the spelling checker .. with Russian in particular being difficult to learn to spell in Cyrillic.  Then if one could select one's own subset of vocabulary, i.e. the most difficult words, the one could cycle intensively through the spelling until they all sink in.

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Thank you for the feedback!

We appreciate your suggestions as we are always working on improving the course. I have passed your comments on to our Language Development team for their consideration. 

Kind Regards!


Yeah, that is exactly something I would enjoy.  To add to that, for the Japanese language, its difficult using flashcards because a particular word can mean several different things depending on how its used.  For example...

木 means "tree".  But depending on whether or not its combined with another kanji, by itself, or with hiragana (to give us okurigana) would determine if we pronounce this as "ki" or "moku".  It would be nice if there was an option to select "onyomi" or "kunyomi" (or even both at once) when selecting a set, so that its easier to study them.  This is arguably one of the most difficult parts of learning Japanese kanji, switching between onyomi/kunyomi.  It would also be nice if you could input your own kanji for practice.  While you have most kanji (and I greatly appreciate it), there are still a couple that would be useful to know, for example, the kanji for America which is 米.


Something like the favourite system in My Vocab might work. You could favourite certain cards by clicking on a star and the use the favourites only button to select only starred cards.

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