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Forum Changes to User Interface

Changes to User Interface


I have been noticing the little tweaks to the user interface, and I like them. For example, the combination of the ranking and scoring in the testing areas is a nice little tweak. They are making the interface cleaner and nicer to use and see. This morning I noticed that I could scroll back to previous days in the points counter. Maybe that has been there for awhile and I am just not observant, but I like it anyway.

¡Bien hecho!


Hi Dan,

Thanks so much for your feedback - it's great to hear that you are enjoying the interface changes.  If you have any further comments, please don't hesitate to let us know.



Hi, I don't know if you are the one to notify, but I stopped being able to access the dialog sections in the Spanish version - I hope this isn't permanent because learning that way was the most fun - it actually felt like I was having the conversation with someone!


I wish there were a way to turn off the 'Easy' 'difficult' buttons in the exercise. I don't use them or find them useful.

Some of the modules are a bit painfully long to get through e.g. German 3.6. It's hard to get through modules of this length. I'd prefer two smaller ones just for motivation, with modules being more or less the same size.

Apart from that, happy.


With the recent update to the flash card system, I can't easily see a dropdown list of the flash cards under each category anymore (hard, good, or easy). I used to be able to at any time see the number of cards in each group and click a drop down to read them all quickly. This was extremely helpful in the following ways: 

1) It allowed me to get a very good measure for how well I knew the material by seeing a quick distribution between the multiple categories, and 
2) It let me very quickly review the Easy flash cards without going through the whole list. This is great to occasionally confirm I still understand all of the phrases and refresh my memory.

Can you please add that drop down functionality back? I don't mind having only 3 categories instead of 5, but removing those drop downs is definitely not an improvement.


Hi dnhmltn5, thanks for your post.  Our apologies for any confusion caused.  We have recently made some changes to the Play It test.  We have reduced the number of times the test needs to be taken in order to be marked complete, and we have incorporated it into the Conversation found at the top of the page. For more information, you should find the following blog post helpful:

We hope you like the changes we've made.  Please let us know if you have any feedback.


Hi undermanager, thanks for getting in touch.  Are you referring to the voice recognition feature included in our testing?  Or to a specific test? It would be great to get some more information from you.  You can either reply to this forum thread, or please feel free to email the Customer Support team directly via our help page.  We look forward to hearing from you.


Hi JamesP25,

Thanks for your feedback regarding the changes we've recently made to the Flashcards.  I will pass your comments onto the development team for their consideration.  If we go ahead and add the list back to the tests, I will let you know.

Thanks again for getting in touch - it's much appreciated.


Hey Margaret,

I’m afraid you guys are going in the wrong direction.. With the recent App update I can now no longer even repeat the “non-easy” flash cards.. now I have to do the whole set again if I want to practice. 

That essentially makes your app unusable for me. I now have to use the internet browser on my phone to practice when I’m away from my computer. 

The rest of the update looks very nice and clean. But it took away the single most useful part of the app that allowed me to get 5 minutes of practice where I needed here and there. 


There are a few issues with the recent iOS app update:
• The tests no longer allow you to repeat the items marked as hard first. This the only way to repeat items is to do the whole test again. Before it was ok but not great and now it’s worse - you need to be able to repeat just the items you’re struggling with as many times as you want - ie you need a facility to chose to just repeat the items marked as ‘hard’, and do away with the ‘good’ unless it has another functionality I’m missing?
• The flashcards no longer list the items marked as hard, good or easy, which was useful.
• There seems to be a lag when pressing play for lesson audio, and replaying it has the same lag (ie it isn’t cached?)
• The option to change the Rocket record difficulty level has been removed and I can’t seem to change it on the browser in iOS either!? So I don’t know how to do it? And I need to do this because the recording doesn’t seem to be recognising my responses as it used to.
• The option to press the score/leaderboard at the bottom and view the leaderboard and badge has been removed.

On the whole it seems like a more slick interface but with a whole lot of useful functionality removed, please sort it out as it feels frustrating to use at the moment.



Please consider and fix the issues James and Evan points out above!

As for now the app is almost unusable. Sure the new interface seems slick, but the removed features mentioned above is so fundamental that a revert to the older UI is necessary.

This is a serious deal breaker, Rocket!


While the App still needs the fixes Oscar, Evan and myself pointed out above. I want to recognize that they did add back the dropdown menus to the flashcards from within browsers, which is very helpful. I'm confident they'll get the app fixed so that it's useful again.

Thanks for listening to feedback!

marieg-rocket languages

Hi there, 

We do appreciate the feedback and comments as this is the way in which we can make improvements to the course. :) 

-In regards to the categories for the Flashcards and the Reinforcement area; yes, we are working on the app to bring the option back. 

-If you continue to experience issues with the app and the time it takes to respond, please try to uninstall and reinstall the app. If the issue continues, please send us an email to [email protected] and we can check further. The last update on it, this issue was supposed to be resolved already. 

-Yes, we will bring the difficulty settings back to the app as well, it is in the to-do list, but we have not been informed of when exactly it'll be available. 

-I have sent the feedback about the Leaderboard a being fixed tab and whether we can change it or not. 

Kind Regards. 


I have just emailed all my above issues in detail to the support email. 

Regarding browser use, I hope that you are aware that many of your customers (like myself because I am travelling long term with limited data) exclusively use the app and don’t or cannot use it through a browser on a PC, so these significant issues are making the learning process substantially more cumbersome and difficult.

Please let us know precisely when a revised version will be released with these issues resolved?

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Evan, 

Thank you for sending the information, we will review it shortly. 

Unfortunately we cannot provide a precise date of when these changes will take place; we are certainly aware that many of our customers use the app, and that's the reason why we have added more features to it as we make updated to our course. At the same time, we don't want to misinform you and adding the features back to the app depend on our tech support team who are continuously working on providing the best experience possible; updates and releases are subjected to change because we need to modify things so that it works the way it's supposed to.

I have been informed that the option to redo hard phrases will be available on the next update and that 'My Progress' will be back as well, but we don't have a release date yet. 

Kind Regards.  


You can add the following issue to the list - the ‘write it’ excercises in the iOS app no longer acrue points 

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Evan, 

Thank you; we have reported this issue as well. 

Kind Regards


I like them.


I had a UI suggestion and I hope this is an OK place to make it.
It’s for Rocket Reinforcement. 
The button to hit to Reveal the answer is in the same area where the next button appears and the score buttons are. I hit reveal often accidentally when I wish to hit record.  Record is far from those other buttons so there’s a lot of moving back-and-forth between the two spaces every time I do a word or phrase.  I have some RSI, so this type of usability is  important to me. Too much moving the mouse or clicking can become rather painful.

 I had two ideas that might make this more usable/easier, although I’m sure there are many, many more.
If either the reveal answer button were in a totally different spot so that I wouldn’t reveal it by accident which is very frustrating.
 If it was unnecessary to click record before giving your answer, like how “play it” records automatically. This option would reduce the amount of clicks and movement I have to do with my hand or my mouse, and would make the process more comfortable. 
I don’t know what’s involved from a coding standpoint, so I understand if it isn’t a priority. But currently it’s enough to keep me from doing rocket reinforcement much of the time. Anyway that’s my two cents.


marieg-rocket languages

Hi Rebecca, 

Thank you for your feedback. I have sent it to our Product Development Team. I personally don't feel that the Reveal and record buttons are close to one another when using the browser, but a way that you can avoid this inconveniences is to use your keyboard instead:

(Letter) P: Play the audio
                R: Record audio
Enter: Reveals the phrase

Also: 1 - Rate as Hard
           2 - Rate as Good
           3 - Rate as Easy

I hope this helps!


Thank you and I’ll try using the letters when I’m on the computer. I agree the record button and the reveal button are not near each other on the browser.  It was more a problem that the reveal button is where all of the other buttons you have to click are except for the record button.  This led to a lot of clicking reveal by mistake.  
 thanks again for the response and I will definitely try using the keyboard !

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