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Creating custom flashcards; sorting



I've been a big user of the custom flashcards since they were created. I would find it really helpful if the "import from my vocab" feature had the same sorting in it that the regular "my vocab" feature has. It would allow me to make a new custom flashcard set from the items most recently added. At present, it's really cumbersome to sort through all of them alphabetically to try to find the newest.


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Hi Drewster, 

Thank you very much for your feedback. I will submit your message to our Product Development team. 

Kind Regards!


Thanks, that would be really helpful. 


how do you use the  " import from my vocab" feature?          



It's pretty straight forward, assuming you have items in your My Vocab already. Just go to Flashcards / Create Custom Set / Import from My Vocab and it will pull in all of your words / phrases saved in My Vocab, then you can choose what to add to a set.

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