Forum Do tutors monitor the forum regularly?

Do tutors monitor the forum regularly?


I am doing the German course but I suspect it may also apply to other languages. so I am posting it on general feedback.
I have found that the tutors do not seem to pay attention to the Forum. I have asked quite a few questions about the grammar and vocabulary that appear in phrases in the course and rarely get any response from a tutor. It would be great if the tutors could monitor the forum more closely.

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Hi sfpugh, 

Thank you for the feedback. I will check with our language expert so your questions are addressed and the Forum overall is more active. 

Kind Regards!


Thank you, it would certainly be nice if the forum was more active. There does seem to be an understandable reluctance to attempt writing in the study language. At least that is the case with German.


In Spanish we have a small group of people writing in the study language from time to time and we do occasionally get feedback from a tutor. I am certainly deficient in this as I should be writing more often. What it took is for one or two people to take the initiative to get a conversation going.


i tend to get a tutor in spanish (and arabic) normery monitoring the forms.

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When the tutor responded to the initial posting, she did not address the issue.  From viewing the postings across all the languages there seems be to a significant reduction in personal (tutor) support over the last several years.   This lack of interaction and support appears to be reducing the overall usage and value of the forum.

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