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Exporting custom flashcards


Are there any plans to allow exporting custom flash cards as CSV files? It would be very nice to be able to put them into a program like Anki with its extra features.
At the moment the only way I can see of doing it is with copy and paste but that produces output which is complicated to get into a CSV format.



I see where exporting these was on the "wish list" as of two years ago (try a search on "Anki" in the forum here).


Thanks, I see that it is something that people have asked for before.
I am not keen on typing all my flashcards in again as I have about 1000.

I have managed to produce a test csv file from a short flash card set by using copy and paste into a text file, but it needed processing with GAWK as the result is a text file with one word every second line , in my case German on one line, a  blank line then English on the next. The logic is quite simple, but GAWK is a real geek tool.


If I could suggest some other features as well like allowing the upload of sound files for the flash cards that us learners can create. I am learning Japanese and have met many Japanese people through work who have graciously said words and sentences into a voice recorder so that I can create my own flash cards for relevant parts of travel when in Japan. I use a program though. If they can allow us to upload the sound and also upload pictures to our own and then we can share with other users on here it could become much more useful.

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