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Feature request for Hear It! Say It!: Start recording automatically



Hi there,
I started switching my Italian learning to the Rocket courses, and so far having a good time. Anyhow, I'm hoping for the Rocket team to hear some of my feedback, so maybe we can make those courses and lessons even better :) ..

My request is about the "Hear It! Say It!" reinforcement feature (on Android App):
Would it be possible to add an option for automatically starting the recording as soon as the native speaker finished? A bit like it is already working in "Play it!" dialogues when playing the whole thing - so shouldn't be too hard to add it to "Hear It Say It!", should it? It's the default way in many other language courses/apps, and I always was quite happy with it.
Because in the very usual case I listen to the native speaker exactly ONCE and then repeat the word myself. Only in very few cases it happens that I really listen to twice before trying it myself. So its a bit tedious to always press that same "record" button...  If I want to repeat or re-hear a word, I can still do it after trying to say it for the first time and seeing how I performed, or, if it is an option, disabling the auto-record (which I wouldn't ;) ).
Cheers and thanks for the great course
marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Jonas,

Thanks for your feedback on the course.  We appreciate your suggestions as we are always working on improving the course. I have passed your comments on to our Language Development team for their consideration. 

Kind Regards


It sounds like a great idea, but as someone who is unable to use the recording features (not compatible with my browser) the ability to also disable such a feature would be necessary.

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