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I came across a couple of mistakes in the final test. It would be good if Rocket Languages provided the mechanism for providing feedback in tests in order to correct these.
marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Steven, 

Thank you for the feedback; I will forward the message to see how we can address this issue, can you please tell me which Final Test you took? Was it from the first, second or third level? 



Hi Marie,

It was the Final Test of the third level. If I remember correctly, both were in the general question section: 1) one question was on the subjunctive (where none of the answers were correct - at least so I thought!); and 2) the other one asked a question completely different than the phrases to be selected (although in that case, it was easy to guess which phrase to select as there was only one that was grammatically correct).

Thanks for looking into this.


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