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Hello! I just started Rocket Korean 2 days ago and found the normal audio playback speed (1.0x) a bit slow but the next speed up (1.25x) is way too fast for a complete beginner like me. 

Is it possible to adjust the playback speed with finer increments, for example: 0.8x, 0.9x, 1.1x, 1.2x? I would just like to speed it up a tiny bit to match my concentration level.

Since the speakers breakdown and explain the sentences anyway, I don't really need it to go slower, but unless I'm completely fluent and just revising, I don't see the purpose of playback speeds greater than 1.25x.

marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Hi robato,

Thanks for your feedback on the course.

We appreciate your suggestions as we are always working on improving the course. I have passed your comments on to our Product Development team for their consideration.

Kind Regards.

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