Forum flash card edit function not working

flash card edit function not working


I have Rocket German. The flash card edit function has not been working since yesterday 25 jul. When I open the edit function, I see an empty list but all the edit buttons and the save button are visible.
Apart from that flash cards seem to work OK.

marieg-rocket languages

Hi sfpugh, 

We appreciate your feedback. I have gone ahead and reported the issue; as soon as we get a reply, we will let you know. 

Kind Regards!


Same happening for me, in French :-(


Same with Chinese and  Spanish

marieg-rocket languages

Hi there, 

Our apologies for the delay in getting this issue resolved, but the glitch editing the Flashcards has been fixed and they should now work OK. 

Kind Regards!


OK, thanks it seems to be working OK now.

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