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I can't work out how to make flashcards & I can't see any flashcard sets when I search.


When you go into flash cards, you should see some pre made flash cards for the various modules in your course, at that is the case with German.

You should also see create custom set and browse public flash cards on the upper left under the words Flash cards. Public sets are cards other people have made that they have made public.
Create custom set allows you to type words directly into the application, import a file that you made in another application that is in CSV format ( a tab delimited text file), or import from my vocab.
The CSV import is limited to 100 cards.
If you can't see any of this something isn't right. Flash cards haven't been working properly lately but as far as I know the problem is limited to editing custom sets.

If you can't work it out I found the quickest way to get help from Rocket is to go onto the main site from there you can live chat with support staff.


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