Forum Help with My Vocab word munching!

Help with My Vocab word munching!



Hello! The My Vocab is behaving like a word muncher. Please be sure he is getting proper care and feeding so that he doesn't eat my words. I'll give two examples to try to entertain and educate: Scenario1: Open My Vocab (this is sort of slow, would love to see the performance a bit faster). 1) Add a new word: I type in a word "green" and I give it a "meaning one" 2) Add a new word: Type "green" again but type "meaning two" 3) search for green - only meaning two will appear, the first definition is lost. Scenario2: While in a lesson. Quick, I want to put that word I just heard on the audio into My Vocab. 1) Click on any word to open My Vocab. 2) Change the word that I clicked on to the word I heard. 3) Click save. 4) Realize that I already had another definition entered for that word, but since the system didn't show it to me when I typed it, I lost it. Drat! Speed: Wait 10 seconds for refresh. tells me I have 182.75Mbps/38.63Mbps Is the entire word list re-sent with the addition? Thanks for having a look at this. I don't like my words getting munched by the system. What about you? Jason

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