Forum ¿invitó ir o invitó a ir?

¿invitó ir o invitó a ir?



In lesson 9.4, we have this sentence--
Mauricio me invitó ir al cine. (Mauricio invited me to the cinema.)

Two questions:
1. Should it be Mauricio me invitó a ir al cine? (adding a before ir)
2. Could it be Mauricio me invitó al cine? (without ir, as we say it in English)
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marieg-rocket languages

Hi Fg109, 

Thank you for your feedback, and you are correct, the two options provided 

Mauricio me invitó ir al cine.
Mauricio me invitó al cine.

Are both accurate. 

I have forwarded the message so the sentence can be corrected in the lesson as soon as possible. 

Kind Regards!



I want to raise that this still hasn't been corrected / clarified, and caused me some confusion.

I'm glad to see there's at least a forum response on it.


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