Forum M'aider!! Playback doesn't work!

M'aider!! Playback doesn't work!



I'm calling out to any of you who have technical knowledge of how I may get my Playback to work. I use Firefox with Windows 7 (with Realtek). Prior to the "upgrade" in October, everything worked great. Since then, nothing does. When I am in a lesson, I am only able to record and playback about 10-15 phrases and then the Playback feature stops. After I record my voice, the blue playback square with the arrow inside, remains grey and does nothing when I try to click it. I'm guessing that there is a "setting" that needs to be adjusted but I have no idea what. I've contacted RF but to date they have been unable to help.

Before you recommend Chrome, I have tried that also and it's worse. When I record, if I pause for 1/10 of a second, it stops and "spins" for 10 secs and tells me to "try again". Quite annoying. If I am able to record, most of the time I get these completely unrelated responses to what I've said, even if it's just a single word eg. venir. Now, I am not a rookie at French so I know my pronunciation is not that bad. Also as a test, I recorded a few of the speakers (Eric, Julie...) and played them back into the "record" function and several times their voices did not get 100% and even a few "try again".

So my request again is, if there is anyone savvy enough to help me to fix the settings in Firefox so that I can start using this program without getting frustrated after 10 minutes.

Jason, if you read this, any help from your part would be greatly appreciated too.


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