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marking a lesson complete


The "How do I get more points" section shows the different ways that one can earn points. At the top of the list is "Mark a lesson complete". Apparently, I have never done that since I have 0 points in that category. What does it mean to "mark a lesson complete" and how does one go about doing that?

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Robert, 

Sorry for any confusion. This section is for the Sign Language Course since the testing area is different for these learners. 

I hope this helps!


OK, interesting. That was the first I had seen that. Maybe it used to be shown only to Sign Language learners.


In Italian, there are also 4 lessons at the bottom of each module just before the final test which you can 'mark complete'. So, in Lesson 7 for example, there are 4 that you can mark as such.

David K

"Mark Lesson Complete" also appears in the Chinese Writing Lessons, as well as Module 8 Coversations.

In fact, I believe it may show up in the German summary  Modules and conversation role play reviews.  Where  you see the Green Checkmark.


I see the "Mark Lesson Complete" button only in lessons where are no exercises or tests (e.g. in "Advanced Learning" or in some "Survival Kits" like the Grammar Book  (where there are only texts to read)). The course is Rocket Spanish.
Other completed "normal" lessons (with all exercises done and all signs green) don't show up in the point list as completed. It is a bit confusing.


Hi all - We are working on making the "How do I get more points?" section a little easier to understand.

On a side note, the Leaderboard Position is now in real time!


I noticed, and working perfectly. Don't touch it! :)

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