Forum My Flashcard sets default to public when edited

My Flashcard sets default to public when edited


It's a minor annoyance but if I edit one of my personal sets, it defaults to public despite previously being set to private.
The text immediately above the public/private button clearly says the default is private.
It shouldn't alter this setting unless told to do so.
This is in German, but I expect it applies to other languages.


I have noticed the same problem. Any edit changes the setting to "Public"

marieg-rocket languages

Thank you for the feedback; I have gone ahead and reported the issue to our tech support team for their review. 

Kind Regards!


Same problem with me. I have not finished editing and they go public. 

marieg-rocket languages

Thank you for all your feedback; do you continue to experience the same issue when editing a set? We tried to replicate the problem but were not able to do it. Could you please describe us exactly what you are doing and when the problem happens?



Well, it was doing it for several weeks, but today I can't reproduce it either. I guess it got fixed somehow.

marieg-rocket languages

Hi sfpugh, 

Thanks for the follow up, I'm glad to hear it's working again for you; let's see if the rest is experiencing the same

Dean V

It must be fixed because I edited my collection and nothing happened

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