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It looks like there's been an update to the My Vocab function and there's a couple of issues:

- the function to add to my vocab takes all the spaces out of the phrase you're trying to add
- it now doesn't let you add duplicate phrases. There are often alternative meanings and they are all throughout Rocket, so duplicates should be ok, or at least give you the option to update the original in the "add" function. It's a real pain to have to go to My Vocab to find the phrase and update it there.


marieg-rocket languages

Hi Drew, 

Thank you for your feedback; I will forward the message to our team for their review. 

I tried adding phrases and the size from the box looked the same to me, if you are seeing something different, please send us a screenshot if possible to [email protected]

The decision to remove the option to add duplicate phrases was a intentionally done since some users were using it for the wrong purposes, like get more points easily. When you click on the highlighted word or phrase you can still add information on the Notes without having to go to the Vocab list. I will check with our tech support team if there's something that can be done about that. 

Kind Regards!


Hi Marie,

It's working fine today. Weird, because I did maybe 10-20 or so and they all did the same thing, even after refreshing the screen. The thing was that because it changed the text e.g. "il sedano" because "ilsedano", it wouldn't find the original to match. But it works now.

The duplicate thing is not a big issue. I just added a word yesterday and accidentally hit enter before I'd typed the meaning, so now there's an empty word in the list. You said "When you click on the highlighted word or phrase you can still add information on the Notes without having to go to the Vocab list" but that's not right. I think you used to be able to do that but when you now hit save, it tries to add a new entry and so fails with a message of:

Whoops! Something went wrong.
Vocab already exists.

But, honestly, if people want to get more points quickly that doesn't make a lot of sense. I use the points to try to make sure I make a reasonably consistent effort every day and it does really make me try to make sure I keep the points up as a measure of the effort. If I were to cheat that, that wouldn't make me learn the language any quicker!



the break down of the vocabulary is very weak for the Korean. I have an easier time finding definitions for the chinese,   I was hoping this program would help me learn more korean but their are massive holes in the definition of the korean words.  One wonders if you have had a native Korean speaker look over the lessons to help give good english translation,  like bake, it does not define it in the lesson. So I have to go track it down ?

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